Recent News

Like most of our clients, ADM is based in the South East of England. Our office is in the centre of Canterbury, a beautiful, historic (if somewhat traffic-ridden) cathedral city.

Not everyone is as fortunate as we are, and since we’re nice people, we like to help out a bit where we can. This stuff doesn’t really have an impact on how we work with you, but we hope you’ll find it interesting, because we like to work with other people who appreciate the value of a helping hand now and then.

Maybe these stories will spark off an idea of a project we could do together. If so, give us a shout.

ADM presented with trophy by KM Charity Team

Africa Schools

We’ve been supporting schools in Africa through the years by supplying computers, computing equipment and solar panels.

A market garden in the Gambia

This project started in 2006 when we sponsored a well in the village of Lamin Jawara Gambia farm. With their new water supply, the villagers were able to establish a market garden. When the local wildlife started munching on the produce, we donated another £1500 to provide protective fencing, and went out to take a look.

Bhutan Village Community

Together with Ani Pema Deki a Buddhist nun based in Whitstable, we provide much needed support for the village of Meritsemo, in Bhutan.