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As Microsoft Gold Partners ADM can offer expert advice for Software Licensing packages to suit your organisation’s specific needs, ensuring you get what you need with best value.

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest upfront investment, or a long-term arrangement to buy or rent with access to all new software versions, we can help with:

  • Multiple users across locations
  • BYOD and mobile use
  • Educational use

As a Microsoft Gold Partner ADM offers a range software licensing options to suit your organisation’s needs and budget:

  1. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
    Buy your software along with the hardware, customised to the requirements of the product. This is a cost-effective way of buying software, but your licence is linked to the machinery and therefore expires when hardware is replaced.
  2. Volume Licencing
    Microsoft Open Licence Programme (MOLP)
    With MOLP, designed for organisations with 5-500 PCs, you buy a perpetual licence, paid for upfront – so there are no additional licence payments and no disks to lose!
    Optional Software Assurance – a small additional investment allows you access to all new software versions as they are released.
  3. Open Value Subscription (OVS)
    OVS licencing is based on a 3-year subscription which covers the whole business, with an annual rental fee. It provides a simple, cost-effective way for small to medium businesses to keep up to date with the latest MS software.
  4. Open Value Perpetual (OVP)
    With OVP licencing you enter a 3-year agreement, at the end of which you own the software purchased.

We are also experts in a range of software licensing for:

  • VMWare
  • Sophos Antivirus

Contact us to discuss your software licensing needs