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IT is an ever-changing landscape. It’s part of what makes it exciting for people like us. But if you don’t speak IT like a native, it can make it a daunting place to be. That’s why we invest significant amounts in constant training and development for all our technical people. So you don’t have to.

Did you know?

Our IT Advisors aren’t just a sales team. Many of them are qualified to a level that enables them to work as engineers, so the advice they give is based on real knowledge.

Our engineers and IT Advisors are fully up to date and accredited, so you can be sure that:

  • your systems benefit from the latest security fixes
  • you’ve got the most up to date versions or upgrades
  • we’re keeping you advised if you need to upgrade or replace anything, long before it becomes a problem
  • your systems are the best they can be and working efficiently for you
  • you get the right advice when it comes to software licensing

Microsoft Accreditations

  • Gold Server Platform
  • Gold Volume Licencing
  • Gold Mid-market solutions
  • Gold Small business server
  • Silver Hosting
  • Silver Management and Virtualization
  • Silver Messaging
  • Silver Software Asset Management

Other Accreditations:

  • Sophos Gold solutions partner
  • VMWare Enterprise Partner
  • Veeam Gold Partner
  • Citrix Silver Certified Partner
  • Hewlett Packard Silver Partner
  • Cisco Premier Certified Partner
  • Symantec Silver Partner
  • Ruckus big dog partner
  • Kemp certified partner
  • Adobe certified partner
  • Polycom authorised partner
  • Altaro Gold partner