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ADM presented with trophy by KM Charity Team

ADM was recently presented with a trophy for its continued support to the KM Charity Team.
The awards were a ‘thank you’ to all partners who support and back a range of high profile events and services.

ADM presented with trophy by KM Charity Team

ADM continue to support this worthwhile cause which includes the ‘Walking to School’ scheme. Other services to schools partners support include Buster’s Book Club, Kent Literacy Awards, Green School Awards and the ‘Walk to School Song Contest’. ADM will also be supporting the KM Big Quiz which is due to be launched on 14th March 2018.

The Kent and Medway Charity Team was founded in 2000 with the aim of supporting and promoting green travel to school and health and wellbeing initiatives. At the start the organisation was called the Kent and Medway Walking Bus Group and it was a Club and Society. It became a registered charity is 2004 and changed its name and logo in 2009 to reflect the broader range of services delivered.

Today green travel to school and children’s health and wellbeing is still at the heart of the charity’s activities but now it has a widened remit delivering other services to support schools – and also to provide support to PTA groups and charities to support their fundraising.

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