Recent News

ADM provides support for a three-man IT team with responsibility for a Kent secondary school whose network covers a number of federated primary schools. The school has grown considerably in its nearly 70 years, not only in size, but also in public esteem. It was designated as a specialist school for the arts in 2002, and is widely recognised in the area as maintaining the highest standards of work, behaviour and personal appearance. ADM have worked with the school since 2011, providing support with helpdesk, server monitoring, back-end server estate and storage, managed wireless, network core, improved the way the network performs.

This Union represents over 110,000 education professionals working in organisations across the UK. They invited ADM to help them understand the options available to them to enable their members and 160 staff reduce travel costs and inconvenience of travelling across the UK to meet at one of their offices. After a number of demonstrations and discussions with all parts of the client team, ADM helped configure Skype for Business and a range of equipment for video and audio conferencing. To prove the concept, systems were installed in the London HQ and a regional office. This was well received and they are now rolling out more video and audio conferencing endpoints throughout the organisation, tailored to the technology needs and budget of each individual office.