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ADM Computing invites you to our offices in Canterbury on the 13th April 10:00am-12:00pm where speaker Mark Harris will be presenting and demonstrating a technical deep-dive on Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), just for schools.

For many schools, the management and monitoring of classroom computers, staff desktops, teachers’ laptops and shared student devices has relied on various propriety management solutions. They are hard to manage, many with no central management, resulting in wasting time or spending more in licensing and support.

ADM Computing in Canterbury are teaming up with Amanda Okill, employment law specialist from Furley Page Solicitors to explain the importance of good record-keeping and the legal issues around staff pay, holidays and sickness. Record-keeping and documentation are important processes within an organisation and certain regulations require specific records to be kept for proof of completion of required training. On Thursday 17th March 10:00am-12:00pm we aim to demonstrate how using Microsoft’s SharePoint can take away the needless time spent doing this important task leaving you with more time for more important aspects of your work day.

ADM Computing invites you to our office in Canterbury on the 10th May 10:00am-11:30 where speaker Nick Crane will be presenting and demonstrating Microsoft SharePoint. For many businesses within the Building and Construction industry managing their important files and documents is a constant challenge. The need to retain information for a set period of time while fulfilling requirements linked to ISO requirements and quality standards can be daunting. Microsoft SharePoint software provides automated processes providing a leaner and more accessible system for your staff increasing their efficiency. In addition, many businesses may be surprised to hear that they already have access to SharePoint software without even realising it!

Interactive Whiteboard bundle installed for a “budget friendly” £4750.00 + VAT

The Proposition and how to see it in action

The range of Prowise solutions already compares favourably with other vendors but with this bundle offer you will get additional savings on orders placed and invoiced before 29/04/15. To further enhance this offering you can also come and meet representatives from the Prowise UK main distribution partners as well as see the solution in action at our offices in Canterbury. The event will be held in our Canterbury office between 10am – 12pm on the 25th February 2016.