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ADM Environmental track record

You don’t like waste. We don’t like waste. From our earliest days we’ve had an aversion to throwing things away. Like the boss’s grandma’s sofa – the most uncomfortable thing in the world. Actually it’s lovely, but someone needs to tell him it could do with a bit of a refurb.

And that’s partly where we’re coming from. Way back in the early ‘80’s we got just a bit upset by the throwaway culture and established a company ethos that’s still going strong.

  • Minimise use and waste of consumables
  • If you can’t re-use, recycle
  • Wherever it makes business sense, upgrade rather than replace
  • If replacement is unavoidable, buy quality and buy it once

We’re not necessarily just talking IT here. After all, things change so fast these days that it’s often just not feasible to upgrade stuff that’s more than 3 years old.

Did you know

In the early ‘90s, our Director was instrumental in setting up Kent’s first electronics recycling plant – which later became ‘SWEEEP’

3 reasons why ADM’s war on waste is good for you

  1. Your resources get looked after. We won’t waste yours any more than we would waste ours
  2. You won’t find us throwing away your money on unnecessary hardware. If we can re-use it, we will
  3. If it does need replacing, it’ll be done right, with products that go the distance

Our commitment to the environment goes further than that. Our Green Team, which has met monthly since 2008, is constantly looking for new ways to improve our green credentials.

  • 50% of our people regularly cycle to work and we bought an electric bike for local journeys. To support cyclists we invested in bike sheds, and we’re part of the Cycle to Work scheme
  • “Is your journey really necessary?” Mileage and fuel costs are monitored monthly and we’ve increased awareness of efficient driving methods.
  • 100% of our energy is green sourced, with 10% coming from our own solar panels
  • All our general waste goes into separate bins for clean paper, dirty paper, cans, other recyclables and general waste – and it’s checked daily to make sure everyone is doing it properly. Paper is re-used as scrapbooks. We favour suppliers who minimise packaging and we re-use all packaging to send items to clients
  • Energy usage – we’ve installed energy efficient lighting, and adhere to a ‘switch-off’ policy. We’ve got timers attached to pretty much everything. If it’s not in use, it’s switched-off.

What does this do for you?

We hope that, like us, it gives you a warm happy feeling (even when the radiators are turned down). It also helps to keep our overheads down, which in turn results in less cost to our clients. We’re nice like that.