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Cyber Security

Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT) is a service ADM Computing provides for checking user awareness concerning cyber-crime. Each user is contacted via an email to simulate a dangerous email being received although the email itself is harmless. How the user interacts with this email is monitored to check if they opened the email and if they clicked a link inside.

If they clicked the link inside, it indicates they require additional awareness training of modern threats. If the email they clicked had not been simulated it may have resulted in a serious security breach. A 15-minute online training video is then provided to those users to help them understand the risks. Each month another simulated email is sent to all users to continue to monitor users that require training. A 40-minute in depth video is also available if required.

On average 40 – 70% of users are vulnerable to email threats

Below is an introductory video showcasing the SATT service. If you are interested in signing up for SATT or would like more information, please contact our Sales team via the email address and phone number provided.

More information on Security Awareness Training and Testing here.