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About Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT)

SATT is a fully managed service that is bespoke and tailored to every individual organisation. ADM Computing provides the SATT service to check how aware your users are in terms of modern cyber threats.

If users are found to require training, a 15-minute training video is provided which can be accessed from their workstation if needed. The SATT testing process takes up none of your time or resources and is guaranteed to make a difference.

The process of testing end-users with SATT

Stage 1 – Baseline all users
A targeted email is sent to all users within your organisation to simulate what would happen in the event of a dangerous email being received. The email itself is harmless, but the user activity in reacting to the email is tracked to provide an indication to the management team of who within the organisation may require awareness training. On average 40 – 70% of users are vulnerable to emails which could contain crypto-viruses or attempt to gain control of your online accounts. These malicious emails can pose a serious risk to a business both in financial cost and loss of reputation.

Stage 2 – Training
All users receive security awareness training provided by a 15-minute online video. The training covers relevant topics like modern threats and cyber-crime. There is guidance of how to not fall victim to these types of threats.

Stage 3 – Monitoring
Each month your users will receive another targeted email per month. Any users that are identified as requiring further training receive a more in-depth 40-minute online training video. The benefit of SATT and this approach is that your users receive the training they need to mitigate the risks of cyber-crime. This is then monitored on an ongoing basis through the monthly emails and reports listing user activity.

Why every organisation needs end user security awareness training and testing

The biggest risk to an organisation in terms of cyber-crime is from the end user. ADM Computing provides services to mitigate the risk of cyber-crime through anti-virus scanning and reputation-based defence from WatchGuard firewalls, but users need to be aware of modern threats including “zero day” crypto viruses. Through SATT, ADM Computing provides a simple but complete solution to the needs of providing end-user awareness training for safeguarding your business.

If you are interested in signing up for SATT, please contact our Sales team via the email address and phone number provided.