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07 Mar Reducing log-in time by 50% across a multi-school network

ADM provides support for a three-man IT team with responsibility for a Kent secondary school whose network covers a number of federated primary schools. The school has grown considerably in its nearly 70 years, not only in size, but also in public esteem. It was designated as a specialist school for the arts in 2002, and is widely recognised in the area as maintaining the highest standards of work, behaviour and personal appearance.

ADM have worked with the school since 2011, providing support with helpdesk, server monitoring, back-end server estate and storage, managed wireless, network core, improved the way the network performs.

ADM’s IT Advisors talked extensively to both the IT team and the school leadership to understand the particular needs and challenges of a multi-location network serving the needs of all staff and students, before providing recommendations for improvements.

ADM now supports the team by providing managed wireless across the whole campus, and Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to enable staff to access the school’s Management Information System (MIS) whether working from home or from different parts of the school. Installation of VMWare with SAN has aided virtualisation, and ADM’s offsite backup service provides for effective and efficient disaster recovery, with fully restorable critical data.

The Head of IT said, “the replacement of the network core and backbone has led to significant performance increases, allowing log-ins in half the time it had previously taken.”

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