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13 Oct Windows update problem [KB4041691]

Over the last few days Microsoft released a faulty Windows update which has caused some PCs and servers to crash with a blue screen error, when they are rebooted. This problem only affects a small number of Windows 10 PCs and laptops, and Windows Server 2016 servers which downloaded the faulty update while it was available.

The update has since been withdrawn, and was only available for a few hours so if the computer did not download it during that time it will not be affected – if your computer has rebooted in the last 12 hours and works normally then it is not affected by this update problem.

If a PC or laptop has recently installed updates and fails to start up properly with a screen like the image below, this can be fixed by using the System Restore option in the advanced boot menu (this will appear automatically after about 3 failed attempts) – restoring to a point before October 10th should remove all traces of the update.


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